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Ahrntal - Pure Air Valley

Breathe freely in the Ahrntal valley

Ahrntal - a place to take a deep breath

Good air is an elixir of life and there is plenty of it in the Ahrntal Valley. So much so that the long valley in the Rieserferner Ahrn Nature Park can call itself a clean air area.

The outstanding air quality of the Ahrn Valley is no coincidence. The high alpine location between 1000 and 3500 meters, surrounded by over 80 majestic three thousand meter peaks, wooded slopes and an abundance of water sources contribute to this.

With 120 drinking water springs, 35 mountain lakes and ten impressive waterfalls, the Ahrntal truly draws from the full. The valley stretches as far as the northernmost mountain in the country, through the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park, far away from any through traffic. A breathtaking backdrop of mountains, forests, alpine meadows and clear water promises the purest air. A promise that is kept.

But it's not just high up on the mountain that the Ahrntal can boast exceptionally good air, deep underground too. In the "climate gallery", at the heart of the ancient copper mine in Prettau, the air is so pure that asthmatics and allergy sufferers can breathe freely. Recent studies have proven the positive effect.

Immerse yourself in the revitalizing air of the Ahrntal Valley and experience a symbiosis of nature and well-being.


"Climate Gallery" in the ancient copper mine

No dust, no allergens, no pollen, no noise:

Experience a unique retreat deep in the heart of the mountains - the climate gallery in the disused mine in Prettau. After almost a kilometer ride on the mine train, an oasis of peace awaits you, far away from dust, allergens and noise. Where miners once dug for copper, today a comfortably equipped area offers not only historical charm, but also effective relief for various respiratory ailments.

With a relative humidity of 95 percent, the tunnel binds suspended particles and allergens that settle on the damp rock walls. The result? Air that is as pure as it gets. There is no dust, no allergens and no pollen - an ideal microclimate for breathing cures known as speleotherapy. Immerse yourself and experience the healing power of nature, deep underground.

Do you have questions about speleotherapy in the climate gallery? Take advantage of the free telephone consultation with Dr. Vincenzo Di Spazio!

Aria Pura - the breathing weeks in the clean air valley Ahrntal

Focus on your breath for a week. Learn about the power of breathing and relaxation techniques with experts and trainers and take them home with you as tools in your luggage. Whether on instructive herbal hikes, relaxing forest bathing, meditating at idyllic mountain lakes and impressive waterfalls or on mindful forays through the mountain idyll of the Ahrntal pure air valley.

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The mountain spring is all about mindfulness

The Mountain Spring in the Ahrntal invites you to go on mindful forays: through inner and outer landscapes to gentle, sustainable relaxation. At the lake, in the forest, on the mountain and in the valley. Accompanied by health trainers, nature teachers and yoga coaches.

From May 20 to June 30, use of the cable cars in the Ahrntal is free of charge: energy-saving for people and nature - in the spirit of mindfulness. Glide gently upwards, all your senses on alert. In the middle of the alps at over 2000 meters, the balmy spring air can turn into a sharp breeze - all the greater the refreshment, the experience.