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Alpine cuisine with mediterranean influence

One of the best things about South Tyrol is for sure the diverse cuisine, which is made up of all kinds of good things from north and south. Alpine delicacies such as dumplings, "Schlutzkrapfen" and apple strudel meet Italian gourmet cuisine with pasta, lasagna and tempting tiramisu. South Tyrol has always been characterized by agriculture, which is why there has always been high-quality food and many traditional recipes that are still used today. With the passage of time and the beginnings of tourist activity, the top chefs in our country became more and more inspired by the finesse in the preparation of Italian cuisine. This is how this symbiosis of Alpine and Mediterranean was created, which is now known far beyond the country's borders and delights guests from all over the world.

Enjoy the delicious delicacies of the South Tyrolean cuisine, with which our excellent kitchen team around chef Alex Hofer spoils you. We look forward to showing you the culinary side of South Tyrol too!


The gourmet cuisine in Hotel Anabel

Every day in Hotel Anabel, the Alpine Life Hotel in South Tyrol, is full of wonderful moments of pleasure. Look forward to:

  • A healthy breakfast with regional products
  • Home-made cake in the afternoon
  • Gourmet Dinner in form of a 3-course choice of menu in the evening with traditional delicacies of the alpine - mediterranean South Tyrolean cuisine
  • Weekly gala dinner "Tyrolean Evening"

South Tyrol - a country known for its culinary highlights

South Tyrolean wine, South Tyrolean apples, South Tyrolean milk & Co. are popular around the world. This is probably due in large part to the many small family-run farms in our country, where the farmers look after their fields and cattle every day with a lot of love and know-how that has been handed down over generations. Here the quality is still clearly in the foreground.

The unique geographic location of South Tyrol also plays an important role in the diversity and quality of our agriculture. From the high alpine valleys in the north, where in particular dairy products, meat and vegetables have their origin, to the orchards and vineyards in the mediterranean south, the possibilities are almost limitless. The location on the south side of the Alps ensures a lot of hours of sunshine, the proximity to the Po plain for a partly mediterranean climate and the different rock layers for optimal, nutrient-rich soils.

Milk and dairy products

Agriculture has always played a very important role in the high alpine valleys in the north of South Tyrol. Originally it wasn't about selling the products, but about feeding one's own family. The Ahrntal is also one of these valleys. There were cold and long winters here, so you had to make the best possible use of the warm half of the year to get through the winter. In addition, the mountain farmers had to come up with some ideas on how to make their food durable, to be able to store it for a longer period of time. In addition to meat, grain and potatoes, milk was also ideally suited for this, which is why it still provides a large part of the agricultural added value in our valley today. Over the years, this has resulted in the many different cheese creations that our area has to offer. Above all, of course, the famous " Graukäse" (gray cheese)!


The Pustertal valley is often called the "valley of potatoes" in our region. This is probably due to the fact that the potato, along with milk, has been the main product of the valleys agriculture for a long time. Even today they are cultivated in many fields of the "Pusterer" farmers and are even considered to be the best in Italy. They have now taken a firm place in the top kitchens in our country and are also very well received outside of the country's borders, all across Europe.

Wine country South Tyrol

Viticulture has a very long tradition in South Tyrol. It were probably the ancient Romans who brought the first vines into the country. Today wine is grown with a lot of passion and great know-how in almost all of South Tyrol. There are both large cellar cooperatives, which consist of many small farmers, as well as many family viticultures, where the art of growing and producing high quality wine has been passed on for several generations. The range of wines is as varied as the geography and the climate of the country itself: from the fresh white wines in the alpine Eisacktal valley up to the strong reds in the warm valley basin of Bozen, the refined, aromatic wines in the area of ​​Lake Kaltern to the fine, spicy ones in the Vinschgau. Well over 20 different grape varieties are grown, three of them (Vernatsch, Lagrein and Gewürztraminer) are autochthonous varieties, that originate in South Tyrol and are only grown here.

Local (Craft-) Beer

The history of beer brewing in South Tyrol also goes back a long way. In the past, as is common in Austria and Bavaria, there was at least one brewery in (almost) every larger town. But then it was quiet for a long time about the South Tyrolean beer culture. After there was only one large brewery for decades, we have been experiencing an upswing in the scene for a few years now. Breweries are being founded in many places and the shelves are again full of a wide variety of high-quality creations, which have already more than just convinced in one or the other top-class competition. The best alpine spring water from the area offers an ideal basis for classic, but also creative beers in a wide variety of styles.
Even here in the Ahrntal valley, not far from our hotel, there is a new brewery called "GustAhr". The (first) beer from the Ahrntal.